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Terrain kartskara_3

You can enjoy other adrenalin attraction in our area Novako during the summer time. You can have a lot fo fun when riding the terrain karts. This attraction is suitable for whole family.

Terrain karts are unique stable minicars constructed for the safe ride downhill. You drive them with handlebars and brake them using strong brakes. They are easy controllable when going downhill.

They are designated for children and adults as well. You can use them in two when needed to go with small kid.

After mount the kart, the lift take you uphill. You can choose your own way to go downhill. There is a lot of place (prepared grass track) where you can choose where to go. You can try to do all the slides nad turns.

Price list
Terrain kart 1 ride 30,- Kč
5 rides 130,- Kč

You can use the karts in bad weather as well. When it is wet grass, you can get a stronger experiance. The surface is bit more slippery and it is much more fun. Come and get a bit of adrenalin and have a lot of fun.

Attraction is only for persons with the age 10 or above. Younger children only with parents. Ride is at your own risk.