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Tel: +420 353 815 000
Tel: +420 724 521 235
Boží Dar 196, 362 62
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Description of the skilifts

Skilift Doppelmayr

  • length – 300m
  • conctruction – cylinder one man
  • capacity – 900 persons/hour

Skilift Multi-lift

  • length – 200m
  • conctruction – with the low wiring
  • capacity – 900 persons/hour

Skilifts and snowtubing price list

Discount overview:

  1. Helathy disabled after showing card + ID paying as children up to 10 years
  2. Old age pensioners after showing ID paying as children up to 10 years
  3. Schools only within working days according to price list

Skilifts working regulations

  1. Only 1 person is allowed to use the skilift Doppelmayr because of the security reasons (no possibility to take child with you).
  2. Tke skiers must follow the operators instructions.
  3. Keep the straight direction when using the skilift.
  4. The ticket is not transferable.
  5. When misusage the ticket will be taken away.
  6. The ticket must be visible when using the skilift MultiLift.
  7. All the injuries report to the operators.
  8. The fare is not given back in case of injury, disease or power failure.
  9. Entrance of pedestrians, sledders and bobsledders on the skitrack is prohibited.
  10. Entrance on the skitrack without valid ticket is prohibited.
  11. The free movement of dogs is prohibited.
  12. All area is non smoking! Thank you.