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Our Novako ski & snowboard school is the biggest one in Bozi Dar and we offer ideal conditions for your first experience with skiing. We focus on children and beginners for whom we have prepared a unique form of teaching. You can choose from private or group lessons.

Clients of our school have, during the lesson, a free ski pass in Novako areal. For all beginners we have a moving carpet and kindergarten for the youngest ones, where through an original way, children first meet skis in a closed area. Kids have at their disposal various toys and tools in order to organize the lesson in the most fun way.

Ski & snowboard lessons are held in our Novako ski resort or in other ski areals in the area Hranice, Praha or Klínovec – depends on where you wish to go 😊.

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About NOVAKO school

Our Novako ski & snowboard school (accredited in Ministry of education, youth and physical training Czech republic with the code 093/2015-50) was established in the season 2010/2011, when we first started to teach in our Novako areal and later in the season we extended our activity to other ski resorts.

Our instructors graduated in various educational courses focused on ski & snowboard tutorial. They are mainly students or absolvents of schools of pedagogy based on physical education and sport therefore apart from skiing knowledge they have education from psychology, pedagogy or sport training areas as well. As we work mainly with small kids we run our lessons according to the regularities of the childrens organism development. Teaching is organised according to the age and skills of the child.

The lesson has the scheme of a sports lesson

with all its parts and rules

There are 3 spaces for the tutorial in our areal

If the beginner spends more lessons with us, he or she will go through all of the spaces – depends only on his/her skills how long the whole process will take. The lesson takes 50 mins. In the case of very small kids it is better if the parents do not take part of the tutorial – the child is more concentrated and better in listening 😊. In case the presence of the parents is necessary it is better to be only in close “watching” distance.